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The Value of Postpartum Support- Part Two

Many families are coming to understand how important competent, professional support from a Postpartum Doula is during the fourth trimester, but most are still trying to see it as a more valuable investment, rather than a luxury expense. Two perspectives when looking into investing in a postpartum doula are what kind of money you will […]


The Value of Postpartum Support- Part One

Although women have been giving birth since humanity began, it has been a constantly changing rite of passage around the world. Historically, there has been much focus on medically defining the standards of birthing practices, in the attempt to better contain the event. Over the past half a century, however, there has been an ever […]


The Baby Blues

 Becoming a mother opens a woman up to a range of experiences and emotions that may be completely unknown to her. Within the first few days of giving birth, she can go from feeling elation beyond anything she has ever experienced to a profound sense of understanding the root of love, moving into an awareness […]


Amanda Rose, Southern Oregon Doula

I am a Certified Doula, practicing in Southern Oregon. For the past decade, I have spent much of my time nurturing, educating, and supporting families, both professionally and at a grassroots level. I balance this out with time devoted to caring for myself and my family, raising four children with my partner and exploring the […]