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Dancing for Birth™

“awakening of spring” by michael hiệp

Sitting here in Deep Winter, at the middle point between the Solstice and the Equinox, I have been dreaming and planning, and am ready to BURST FORTH with a new offering for my local community.

In October, I attended a Dancing for Birth™ training to become a certified instructor.  I had been looking for an innovative way to foster parent connection in my practice.  What this program gave me was an opportunity to gather parents together with an AMAZING fusion of childbirth education AND fitness geared towards pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

The goal of each class is to gently move, encouraging flexibility and strength, while sharing wisdom and traditions humbly inspired by people and places around the world to encourage preparation and confidence for birth and parenting.  Dancers are invited to share their own experiences and stories, getting to know each other and forming lasting friendships to support them through the childbearing season of life.

For the past three months of shortening days and colder weather, I have been practicing, going to dance classes, writing my sessions, and connecting with local places to host the six week series.  As the light grows longer and warmer, I am excited to be “giving birth” to my new baby, Dancing for Birth™ in the Rogue Valley!


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