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When families are looking for a local doula to support them before, during, and/or after the birth of their baby, they may come across my website and ask ” Why MODERN TRADITIONS Doula? What does that mean? What does modern traditions have to do with being a doula?”  The short answer to that last question is: EVERYTHING.

To begin, the need for support as families bring their new babies into this world is a tradition as old as humanity.  It may have looked different depending on the time and place, but rarely are people choosing to carry and birth a baby on their own.  Support is a universal need: someone needs to be there to make sure everyone is getting nourishment and rest, that any older siblings are receiving the care they need, to assure everyone that everything is ok and normal, or to know when something is not and who to call for help.

Occasionally, families do decide to carry, birth, and recover on their own, an act of commitment and trust, and they are not alone because they have each other and have set the intention to be the only support they need.

For families who do seek out support, a Doula is there to hold the entire family through the process, giving just what is needed, when it is needed.  Doulas are a tradition, typically woman who support birth and recovery as a family welcomes their baby into the world.

Traditions are rich throughout time and place.  Many cultures have special diets for pregnant people along with various customs and taboos about how to live life when pregnant as well as during and after birth.  Although there are these differences, subtle or overt, there tends to be a common practice with most traditional societies of providing the new baby and family with quiet and rest for up to six weeks or more after the birth. This allows everyone time to heal and get to know each other, as well as establish a strong breastfeeding relationship.  Each culture may do things a little differently, but the theme of care runs as a strong current, linking all of us together with the “culture of support”.

Which brings us to the modern day.  Many places maintain the “culture of support” to various degrees, some upholding all traditions, some having lost part or all of the care provided to families during the childbearing year.  Internationally, Doulas help to keep the “culture of support” alive.  As a Doula, I strive to honor the entire family, finding ways to support each individual present.  To do this, I like to blend traditions of caring for families, making sure that they are receiving all of the rest, nourishment, and love they need and desire before, during, and after the birth of their baby.  I also learn and practice new ways to support, by combining all this with up to date technology and information on the advancements in health care, helping to create the MODERN TRADITIONS DOULA care that is ever evolving.   Please be in touch if you would like to learn more about what this special brand of doula care looks and feels like for your family.

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